v 0.34 Changelog

Development is progressing nicely. The entire restaurant scene has been implemented and it's fairly meaty compared to the previous scenes in the first public demo. Patrons can get early access to our current internal playtesting demo, but the content in this build will be made available publicly next week; after a healthy round of bug squashing. I also added some menu options due to popular demand so players can adjust text speed, audio volume, and toggle the character font feature. 

If you have any other requests for options let us know!

Everything is on track for the finished episode to be released early June. 


v 0.34

Full Restaurant Sceene Added. (Chapter 3a and 3b.)For the test build, these scenes can be skipped to in chapter select even if previous chapters have not been completed. 

Textbox menu added, allows one-click access to functions that previously required hotkeys, such as the backlog and auto mode. 

Settings/Options menu added, allows the user to change settings such as the text speed and audio volume. 

Scrolling zoom portrait added to chapter 1, giving you a closer look at Isabel's full body when meeting her for the first time. 

Tutorial Text added to the shopping 'minigame' to make it more obvious how to proceed. 

Backgrounds updated for consistency. 

Various typo and minor bugfix corrections. 

Known issues: 
Text advancement may occasionally freeze when skipping text during animations. If you find yourself force-advancing the text frequently, please consider using the new next speed option to speed it up instead to reduce the likelihood of encountering this issue. 

Certain options (mainly text speed) will not be applied immediately and will be applied upon a scene change. (Or restart) 

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