The Little Black Bestiary: A Playful Proposition

A short erotic story about two friends whom challenge each other to a video game strip bet. This game is an episode of The Little Black Bestiary, a erotic VN anthology series about romantic relationships between humans and 'monsters,' with characters inspired by all manner of fantasy and mythology. This content contains explicit sex scenes and should not be played by minors or those whom do not wish to view such content.

Tainara is an international college student from Brazil, a music major, a DJ,  a gamer with a huge competitive streak, and perhaps most noticeably, she's an iara. If you want to learn more about her, be sure to check out her Little Black Bestiary profile, or just play the game!

The minigame is a fully fleshed out playable game with 7 playable characters all with unique mechanics and special attacks. It was designed to simplify the feel of a fighting game into something easily approachable,  so we mixed fighting game mechanics into an arcade style ping-pong/tennis kind of game. 

Since we also wanted to evoke the feeling of a "couch-VS" gaming session, there's interaction buttons to trash-talk or distract Tainara mid-match, which affects the way she plays the game against you.  The scenes you ultimately earn are based on your final win/loss count in the video game strip bet, so if you happen to be very skilled at this type of game, you might even want to loose on purpose a few times and see what happens! There are four "base" scenes with variations. 

There is also an "EZ mode" and "Text Mode" available for those whom simply want to enjoy the story and view all the erotic scenes but are having trouble winning at the minigame.

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(98 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Anime, Arcade, Erotic, Male protagonist, minigames, Monsters, Romance, Singleplayer, Slice Of Life
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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The game is absolutely very funny, a bit difficult in some parts, but there's one thing that's fucking confusing me...

Why she speak Portuguese sometimes?

(The last one surprised me)

Awesome game.

Great game!!!!


Game won't load. Unity loading bar gets to about 90% then it freezes. I left it for about an hour, tried several times. Seems broken.


The problem is related to accessing local files from the browser the work around i found is to install this chrome plugin, configure it to installation place (the level containing an index.html) and acces in the browser.


skill issue

im currently stuck trying to get the bottom 3 scenes of page 1 anyone know how to unlock them?


I also got to an animated video that just infinitely loads. 

Not a PC problem, my GTX 1060 and I7-7700 should be doing just fine


I got to the choice for an animated video but it just infinetly loads.

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Fantastic little monster tale with smooth artstyle!

The centaur was by far my favorite with the ability to catch the ball and release it, but the zen garden map was my bane.


any complete CG walktrough?

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Not quite, but the scene variation you get is dependent on who wins the strip bet and how many clothing items the winner still has at the end.

So there's basically 4 major variations
1. You win with 1 loss or less
2. You win with 2 or more losses.
3. You lose but have 3 or more wins.
4. You lose with very few wins.

The next update is going to have an option to skip the minigame, so that people who want to unlock every possible post-match scene variant have an easier time.



The AI is way to perfect, literally impossible to beat her after winning twice...

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Did you turn on the easy mode option? If not that should help a lot.  It gives you double health, gives Tainara 40% health and you start the fight with a bunch of special attack meter to get free shots in. 

Also, what character(s) are you trying to play as? (might also be a character balance issue I need to look into) 

I may be able to go back and tune it some more or give easy mode a larger advantage but a few tips: 
Using taunt and the tickle attack options too much makes her AI difficulty harder in later matches. Likewise using the Praise/Flirt options (especially praise) maintains her going easier on you a bit longer. There IS an AI level that's actually designed to be literally unfair, that should only trigger if you *abuse* the taunt options; if you see her using MOLA you've triggered that. (Always a chance I could have a bug that triggers that accidentally)

The most exploitable weakness the AI has is how it handles special attacks, since it usually can't avoid both the attack and the ball at the same time.

I didn't have a large amount of feedback on the difficulty pre-release so it's hard to balance. Getting a full win streak is supposed to be hard, but not impossible and I know at least one patron managed it; but if I get a lot of feedback like this I may see what I can do to dumb down the AI a bit more. 

I didn't turn the easy mode on, I don't think I ever saw the option, in fact. The best character for me to use was the centaur mainly because of her special, but every other character was much harder for me, though that could just be because I'm bad at the game.

I didn't know that my choices affected how hard the AI would go on me, I'll be sure to try that out and get back to you on it.

I'm happy you got back to me, cause now I feel like I have a better chance at actually winning the game (not that losing is all that bad). But I still feel like the AI gets way too hard way too quickly, and doesn't give a new player much time before they get steamrolled by her. But nonetheless I'm loving the series so far and cannot wait for more in the future!

Part of the struggle might be that there's some substantial input lag, which on top of the natural Pong need to be where you need to be ahead of schedule at all times, makes things extra difficult. I feel like the slower characters are next to unusable as a result.

Still, this is an engaging take on the classic "strip wager" eroge conceit, and I'm determined to get a non-EZ-mode win... eventually... XD

OK, the input lag seems to improve a bit if you turn down the graphics settings at launch? If I'm not completely imagining things...

Makes sense.
I mean, lower graphics settings, less lag, better frame rate. 

There shouldn't be *any* input lag  (I didn't notice any on my dev pc and my weaker testing pc) so the lag you're experiencing is probably some interaction with the engine and your PC. I'm not even sure what those graphics settings affect, to be honest since that's built into Unity and I haven't messed with them on my end. 

Yeah, I managed a win after turning it down two notches! (The slow characters are still garbage tho, haha)

I kind of gave up on trying to win on easy mode, but then after my first go at Text mode, the game stopped letting me use it for some reason.

Thankfully it keeps my progress when I reload the page, but I can't get text mode to work.

I tried playing the minigame normally, unsure if this was Normal mode or Easy mode, and I literally had no shield.

So uhh. . yeah, you have some serious game balance to work on, and. . it also broke.

After some experimentation, and let me know if this is the case for you,
It appears the settings RESET every time you refresh the page and aren't being saved with the game.

So if you go back to a previous save by reloading the page, you have to re-select text mode in the menu. Simply using the quick load button or returning to the title and keeping the same session seems to retain my settings.

Seems to do the same if I close/reload the desktop version too. Though again, works fine if I load the save without closing the game first. I'll see if I can figure out why my save/load functions are resetting the option.

You can tell if you have Easy mode if your opponent starts with less than half health. (It does a few other things but that's the visually obvious one) So if that wasn't  the case it's not active.

If the character you were using is Chi, she doesn't have a block/shield. You need to dash away from where an attack will impact and let the 'clone' do the blocking for you. Galenta has a unique shield that prevents you from moving for 1 second but reflects special projectiles back to the attacker. If you were using anyone else and the block/shield wasn't working properly then yeah I have a problem to look into, possibly with the input handler.