Version 1.5 Update

With this update, I mostly wanted to tackle some of the technical issues and system compatibility problems some users have had. Honestly, I don't have the means to actually test them myself since the original build worked perfectly fine on my own test machines, so on top of the performance optimizations I tried, I also provided the option to skip or disable the sections which most commonly cause issues to the affected users. 

It also provides some bugfixes and quality of life additions. 
In both cases, the most noteworthy new addition is a "Text Mode" for the minigame, which replaces the action minigame with text based choices, allowing the game to be played as a 'pure' visual novel. 

Just in case any new game-breaking bugs were introduced, the old build will remain available to download for a few days.


The 1.5 update mainly seeks to solve, or at least work around the most commonly reported problems people have had with the first public release. 

Minigame Text Mode added: This mode allows you to skip/disable the minigame, allowing the game to be played as a ‘pure’ visual novel.

Animated Scene toggle: The animated ‘victory’ scene from winning the bet with Tainara can now be toggled in the config menu. When disabled, the videos are replaced with still CGs. It is recommended to turn animations off if the animated scene causes technical problems on your system.

Graphics quality options have been adjusted and streamlined, which should fix some player’s performance issues.

The ‘hide’ option in the text box has been removed due to a bug with it. You may still hide and unhide the UI with the spacebar.

The number keys 1,2,3,4 may be used as hotkeys for ‘distracting’ Tainara in the minigame on normal and EZ mode in addition to the clickable buttons.

The 0 key can now hide/unhide the “frame” that shows Tainara and her dialogue during the minigame. I added this solely for myself so I could use it to make screenshots, but left it in. Enjoy, I guess?

Typo fixes and a few script changes (Some lines rewritten)

Tainara’s “level 2” AI has been slightly nerfed. 

Parries now deflect the ball at their intended angle, allowing them to be aimed like normal hits.


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Aug 25, 2019

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I've played through this version as well and had no problems. Sorry that I coudn't help with any bug problems, I had none.