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Mana Maze is an ecchi Maze running game where you collect as many mana sparks as you can while evading the cute monsters that live in the forest. The gameplay is inspired by classic  arcade games like Pac-Man and BomberMan. 

The free hardcore edition DLC adds explicit sexual content to the game and you MUST be 18 years or older to download and play it. The demo on this page is pre-patched so downloading the standard edition demo is not required. 

Saulanna is a witch (in training) whom needs to travel to remote locations to harvest magical energy for her spells. Luckily, there is a huge forest near the village where she lives that is a perfect location for gathering mana. The forest is home to many dangerous monsters, but the monsters and the humans have established a peace treaty where they have agreed not use use lethal force against one another.  The humans who live in the village are permitted to travel into the forest to gather materials, ingredients and mana, but the monsters have also made a sport of 'hunting' the humans that enter their territory, which is also permitted as they release their prey after harmlessly draining some of their extra mana and teasing them a bit. But in order for Saulanna to gather enough mana to cast the powerful magic she's trying to learn, she needs to travel through the forest while evading capture or else loose most of the energy she's working so hard to collect. 


ManaMazeDemoBeta0_10_Hardcore.zip 9 MB


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2/5 This is a luck based game disguised as a skill based game. There are super fast monsters that move about randomly. This makes them impossible to dodge in many circumstances. A level could be instant lose or very easy depending on this single enemy. Game needs a rework to make it less frustrating.

Whilst the standard edition demo was undownloadable via the Itch client, and froze during the third CG on each damage hit, this seems to have fixed both issues and is lots of fun! I hope this continues being developed because it's super cute and the puzzles are great! <3